Beauty Buys: Forever21

Recently made a trip to Forever21 and decided to try their beauty products. Every product I bought was under $5!


Facial Cleansing Pad, $2.90A facial cleansing pad featuring a textured brush, handle, and a suction cup attachment.

A facial cleansing pad featuring a textured brush, handle, and a suction cup attachment.

Why I love it: First off it is bright pink, easy to use and to clean. Super soft exfoliating pad, which doesn’t harm or leave my skin red. The only downside like most suction cups it doesn’t always stay on my shower wall. I say it well worth the $3!

Colorblock Makeup Sponge, $3.90

A round makeup sponge with a pointed tip and a colorblock design.

Why I love it: Most pro sponges will set you back $20, and for someone who isn’t great at washing their sponges, I go thru them so fast. This Colorblcok Sponge at Forever21 is a wonderful substitute.  Super easy to use. I don’t feel bad when I throw away $4. Plus they come in a variety of colors and sizes.



Purederm Cucumber Eye Pads, $1.90

A pre-moistened cucumber pad by Purederm™ featuring cucumber formula to help soothe and hydrate tired eyes.

Why I love it: As someone with dark circles, I always looking for products to reduce and refresh my tired eyes. I was drawn to this product, and it was only $2, so I thought why not! I got to say didn’t notice a huge difference. Smells good and easy to use. Also comes in orange, in-store only.



Maybe next time I will try Forever21’s makeup. Do you have any favorite beauty buys at Forever21?


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