Where to Donate

Over the past few months, I’ve been making a lot of monetary donations to BLM organizations, political organizations, and campaigns, Go fund me, COVID relief, and wildfire relief organizations.

I cleaned out my closets and garage, I realized I had a lot of stuff I wanted to donate. I usually drop off the items at Goodwill, but I realized there are other smaller organizations that could use the help especially during this time. I did my research and found some local organizations that I’m going to donate my items.

Rose Haven is a day shelter and community center serving women, children and gender non-conforming folks experiencing the trauma of abuse, loss of home and other disruptive life challenges.

They currently are only accepting new clothing due to lack sorting volunteers. They are accepting the following items:

  • raincoats ALL SIZES (gently used OK), winter coats
  • plus size jeans and leggings (gently used OK)
  • tents, tarps, sleeping bags (gently used OK)
  • gloves
  • umbrellas
  • travel size hygiene products
  • body wipes
  • luggage and rolling carts (gently used OK)
  • black hair care products

Union Gospel Mission provides more than 250,000 meals a year to the homeless and people in need. In addition to meals, the Mission provides food boxes, a day room with coffee and snacks, clothing, hygiene items, referral services and emergency cold weather shelter to the homeless.

They are seeking gently used and re-sellable furniture, appliances, clothing and more. They can pick up your items for free. Call to schedule a pickup or to drop off donations.

William Temple House provides social services, mental health counseling, and spiritual care to individuals and families in need. The William Temple House Thrift Store features a great selection of clothing, furniture, housewares, and more. Find new-to-you treasures and feel good knowing your purchases and donations support your local community through the programs of William Temple House. Their Thrift Store is located just off NW 23rd Avenue in the Nob Hill shopping district.

The William Temple House Thrift Store accepts donations of new and gently used clothing, furniture, housewares, and more. Here what they are accepting now.

ReBuilding Center works to make reuse the norm; they provide access to affordable building materials; teach home repair and building skills; and reduce the outrageous amount of stuff that goes to waste in landfills—diverting over 1,800 tons per year.

Do you have reusable building materials that are ready for a new home? Donate them to their store, where they will be sold or donated back to the community! More information on what you can donate to ReBuilding Center.

I’ve researched where to donate old makeup, specifically old mascara brushes. I found this great organization, Wandraiser inspires people to help wildlife and the environment through re-purposing discarded mascara wands. The organization engages people in ways to support wildlife rehabilitation efforts and encourages greater mindfulness of the impact of human activities, including the use of plastics, on the environment.

Here is how it works:

Clean your old mascara brushes in warm soapy water to remove residual mascara and dry completely before packaging.

Packing them with cushioning, you can use new trash bags or a towel which can be repurposed.

Fill out the form or no printer, just write the information requested on the form on a piece of paper and include in the package.

Mail form & wands to Wands for Wildlife P.O.BOX 1211, Skyland,NC 28776.

More online organizations accepting donations:

OneSight – donate old glasses. They are creating a world where a lack of access to vision care is no longer a barrier to human achievement and possibility.

Homeboy Electronics Recycling breaks down electronics and then either ships them out for proper recycling or fixes them for resale

Second Chance Toys has a dual mission—to keep plastic toys out of landfills and to donate them to children in need instead.

DVDs4Vets – donate old DVDs, their mission is to provide entertainment to Vets who are unable to obtain movies on their own.

Do you have recommendations, share in comments?

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