Easy Leftovers

One of my favorite things to do with leftovers is to make a salad the next day, whether it’s something I made or takeout from the night before.

Here are a few of the salads I’ve made from leftovers and one pan dish from leftover meat from the night before.

Bah Mi – sandwich from Lardo. The next day, I used spring salad mix and chopped up the meatballs into cube pieces and topped off my salad with the rest of the ingredients from the sandwich, the pickled vegetables, cilantro, and cucumber. Made a simple rice-vinegar, green onions, and red pepper flakes dressing.

Grilled citrus shrimp from the night before, just used spring salad mix added grapefruit, shallots, almonds, and avocado. Simple dressing lemon juice and pepper and salt.

Greek Turkey Burgers, the next day I used spinach topped off with red onions, olives, sun dried tomato, feta cheese, and used the tzatziki sauce as my dressing.

Baby back ribs – next day made one pan enchiladas dish. I shredded the meat, chopped an onion, open cans of tomato, tomato sauce and black beans, diced a jalapeno, add tortilla chips, and topped off with shredded cheese and cilantro.

Have you made any amazing leftovers that you would like to share?

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