Sun-care is Self-care

I recently, purchased a few items from Supergoop, so I thought I would do a review!

I love suntanning, I know it’s not great for your skin plus the health concerns. The best way for me to relax is to sun tan. Plus who doesn’t like a glowy summer tan!

UnSeen Sunscreen, $17 or $34

It’s their original, totally invisible, weightless, scentless sunscreen with SPF 40 that leaves a velvety finish. I like how lightweight the lotion is, but offers nice coverage. My only issues that is the .5 size is so small, it’s almost a sample size, but prefect for traveling.

Glow Stick Sunscreen, $25

A portable, glow-boosting, dry oil sunscreen stick for face, chest and shoulders. Love, love – it’s so great to put on top of your makeup or wear bare face. If you have oily skin I don’t recommend because it the product itself its pretty oily and leaves your face very glowy.

Glow Oil, $15-$38

An ultra-hydrating sunscreen body oil that leaves skin glowing and protected, without feeling greasy. I really like using this oil now that I have a nice tan, it makes my skin look hydrated and glowy at the same time. Plus it last a long time without having to replying.

Lip Balm, $9.5

Protect your pout with this nourishing, soothing, SPF 30 lip balm. You can’t forget to protect your lips when you are out in the sun. I know these days with us wearing masks it’s easy for us to forget about our lips.

Have you tried Supergoop? What are your thoughts?

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