Closet Makeover

We all have that one closet that we hate to open to see the mess or unorganized shelves. My end hall closet bothers me every time I open the door to grab something. I finally tackled this project.


As you can see, I’m a big Costco shopper, so most items from Costco are packs, which is nice to have on hand when you run out of something. However, some of these items can last for three to six months.

That bottom shelf and second bottom self became a junk shelf with old DVDs, books, sewing items, photos, old alarm clocks, and whatever else.

In process

Once I removed the items that I will donate, throw away, or needed to move to another area. I was able to see what what each shelf should hold and what items needed storage bins.

Made a trip to Ikea for some organizing bins. When you are a budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money go to Ikea. I picked up 6 bins for a total of $27 and two small bins all under $6 each.

VARIERA Box (13 1/4×9 1/2 “), $4.50
VARIERA Box (9 ½x6 ¾”), $2.79

The bins have been purchased and organized for my liking.


Here are more organizing bins and baskets:

Y-Weave Medium Rectangle Bin, $4-6
Fabric Half Bin Gray, $7
Clear Plastic Storage Bins with Handles, $2-5
Water Hyacinth Storage Bins with Handles, $7-18

I’m a big fan of using bins to organize all sort of small items. I have a large closet in my bathroom I to organize my glasses and sunglasses.

Mesh Desk Organizer White – Made By Design from Target


Dimensions (Overall): 4.5 Inches (H) x 8 Inches (W) x 8 Inches (D)

Bathroom sink drawer

3pk Medium Storage Trays White – Room Essentials


Dimensions (Overall): 6.73 Inches (L) x 5.04 Inches (W) x 2.5 Inches (H)

Do you have other bin or other organizing recommendations? Share in the comments.

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