What I’m loving now: Everlane

I love Everlane, they are probably my favorite website for minimalist styles. I’m a fan of their designs, quality, and lastly their philosophy. Here’s what I’m loving now at Everlane:

a3ad4086_6b9fThe Cotton Collarless Belted Dress, $75

b762881d_9fbeThe Japanese GoWeave Long Slip Dress, $88

a1ebf40b_45b8.jpgThe Silk Square Shirt, $88

97c19e4d_134c.jpgThe Double-Lined Silk V-neck, $65

b196ac46_efe1.jpgThe Japanese GoWeave Zip Track Pant, $115

f89ef090_7125.jpgThe Japanese GoWeave Pull-on Skirt, $85

44b9f67e_ef1fThe Modern Oxford, $168

c607fc35_1887.jpgThe Foldover Pouch, $68

c92d329d_816dThe Petra Backpack, $330

Lastly, I’m a fan of their 100% Human collection and mission. $5 from the purchase of each product will go to the ACLU.


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