Spring Cleaning: Organizing Your Wardrobe

Spring has finally sprung so it is a perfect time to organize and clean out your wardrobe. I found four simple steps to make organizing easier!

Step 1: Create three piles; Keep, Toss, and Donate. During this step pick up every item one at a time and ask yourself : Have I worn this in the past year? Does it reflect my personal style now? Am I excited to wear it? If you said yes to any of these question then keep it. Or if you said no to any of these questions decide whether the item can be donated or toss.

Here’s a fun flow chart to help you decide:


Step 2: Sort what you are keeping. I believe in packing away your winter clothes. Store in tubs or other concealed containers. This step allows you to see what clothes you will be able to wear during spring/summer season and clears up the clutter.

Step 3: Organizing your clothes by categories and/or whether they can be folded or hung. This article by Who What Wear offers fantastic suggestions.

Step 4: Reinvest in Key Pieces. Are you missing any key items in your wardrobe? Take a look at your current wardrobe, focus on areas like basics and statement pieces, and consider whether you need to stock up on anything that really expresses your personal style.

 Here are a couple of my favorite website for helping in your organizing:

Happy Cleaning and Organizing!

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